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Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Business

A global journey to understand, build, and master an AI strategy in a business context.

Classes Start : Available from 2023/09 to 2024/08
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This program has been the subject of a request for registration in the répertoire spécifique des certifications et des habilitations (RSCH) of France Compétences . Therefore, it will be eligible for CPF funding.


Learn at your own pace

This program consists of six modules, all of which are already available when you register. There is no time limit and learning is self-paced, but the aivancityX educational team recommends spending one week per module. The time devoted to learning and evaluation exercises is approximately 8 to 10 hours for each module. More time can be devoted to exploring the additional content available to learners. As part of the aivancityX autonomous offer, the price for this course is 900€.

Learner support

Learners are supported with an introductory meeting and a concluding meeting of the SPOC.





This course is taught in English.


AI is a transformative technology whose impact is already felt in our day-to-day activities (for instance, every time you use your phone), as well as widely in industries and governments.
Such is the pace of disruption that business practices are being redefined faster than at any point in history.
The Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Business course provides participants with a strategic understanding of the practical impact AI will have on their careers and their organizations. The focus is practical and by the end of the program participants will have a draft of an AI strategy.


Upon completion of this SPOC, learners will have:

  • Insights to develop an AI strategy for their organizations.
  • Knowledge to discern hype from reality in a hyper-competitive world.
  • Understanding of the challenges to develop and implement an AI strategy.
  • Competitive advantage in a fast-moving world where AI-driven companies are accumulating unprecedented levels of success.


1. Introduction to AI and Where We Stand Today

What exactly is AI and how is it enabling widespread disruption? Is AI the final technology? Participants will learn the possibilities enabled by AI in various fields and how a business strategy with AI at its core will enable them personally and their organization to flourish.

2. Foundational Issues: What do You Need to Build your AI Business Strategy?

Succeeding in a fast moving, competitive world requires strategic choices built on sound foundations. Participants will work through the foundational factors that, from day one, will enable them and their organization to build and deploy an AI business strategy.

3. Strategic AI: Identifying What to Focus on and Delivering Products that Make a Difference

AI prototypes are exciting, but the real value lies in identifying the right goals and going from prototype to product, including managing the whole life-cycle of an AI strategy; this module covers precisely the key areas to focus on while building and delivering an AI strategy.

4. Equity, Fairness, Privacy

The interaction between AI and the world is complex. Participants will understand how their strategy impacts on and is influenced by ethical and legal concerns, including biases in data and algorithms, and issues around privacy and fairness.

5. Bringing it All Together

Working through strategically combined activities, participants will finalize their AI strategy with an actionable plan. This is the most practical module in the course, where we bring everything you have learned together such that you can act on it in your professional and personal life.

6. Future Proofing

Artificial intelligence is transformational, so what does the future have in store for us? Participants will prepare for the future of AI and learn strategies to be ready both on a personal and organizational level.

7. Generative Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Businesses

This module, with contents from LinkedIn Learning, offers an in-depth exploration of generative AI across various professional sectors. Whether you work in film, marketing, healthcare, automotive, or real estate, generative AI is already reshaping how work is done. Led by experts, learners will delve into the fundamentals of this groundbreaking technology, exploring its content creation, futuristic models, and ethical implications. Through case studies and practical scenarios, this module offers invaluable insight into the opportunities and challenges posed by generative AI for businesses worldwide.


The main teaching materials include teaching video capsules, numerous video supports and a range of textual resources diversified in their degree of analysis and complexity (research but also popularization) as well as in their approach (philosophical, psychological, business, legal, computational) so that all participants can develop a multidimensional point of view, enabling them to grasp the subject in all its complexity as well as to stimulate debate.
The program is also built around group discussions and interactive presentations that provide learners with thought-provoking circuits that can be tailored as closely as possible to their answers in order to boost their attention and stimulate their reflection.


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Dr. Alberto Todeschini

Visiting Professor in Artificial Intelligence at aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society Paris-Cachan
Distinguished Faculty & Course Lead in AI at UC Berkeley

Alberto holds a Master's degree with London University, a PhD with Virginia University, and a Management of Technology Innovation certification with UC Berkeley.
He is a researcher and consultant specializing on artificial intelligence, including deep learning methods for computer vision, natural language processing, and generative adversarial networks.
He has supervised over 150 AI projects at UC Berkeley, for which he has received a Distinguished Faculty Award.


Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain

The SPOC catalog is the premium of aivancity's online offer. Investing in a SPOC program ensures receiving the knowledge, learning by doing, and having a direct interaction with your professor. All aivancityX SPOC certificates aim at improving performances and transitioning to a 4.0 AI-oriented industry.
This certification allows the validation of the skills block RNCP38584BC01 - Identify and define the challenges and impacts of different fields of artificial intelligence usage, from the professional certification "Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development Project Manager", level 7, issued by aivancity and registered in the RNCP under number 38584 (on 09-02-2024).


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Martial HENNIQUE : Responsable admissions
: (+33) 7 44 09 60 92


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