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Online courses from aivancity school for technology, business & society Paris-Cachan

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Advancing Education in Artificial Intelligence

About aivancityX :

aivancityX is the online learning plateform of aivancity school for Technology, Business & Society. It produces and broadcasts MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) and other certified and degree programs, 100% online, designed by aivancity professors.

About aivancity school for technology, business & society :

aivancity school for technology, business & society Paris-Cachan, is a hybrid school built around the triptuch Artificial Intelligence, Business and Ethics.

The school's mission is to prepare future 'AIgineers' capable of taking up the many challenges set by the economy and society regarding the exploitation of the potential of data and artificial intelligence. Graduates capable not only of developing computer programs to boost company performance and ensure the transition to a 4.0 industry, but also able to work for the progress of humanity in all fields, while ensuring that ethical rules evolve in line with technical and societal developments.